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  • cade

    June 21, 2024 at 1:59 pm
    65 Pups

    Elbow pain in the interior hinge. Both arms. Employed 6 hot spot lymphnode massage. Eyelids are scary swollen. Painful. BB like growths attached to inside elbow. Feels like they are on top of the vein. Itch, bad. It really does feel like I am slowly dieing and have become used to it. You can not be depressed if your reading this. It is simply a problem. I am telling myself this at 1:55pm, low on food and just found a can of pork and beans. Too many things to do. That is ok to. Getting on nebulizer. Taking a break from The Dads journal section. Hard time with the sign up link. Smite Arena time on a nebulizer calls. Fire it up if your on our steam friend list and join.