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  • cade

    June 24, 2024 at 9:20 am
    67 Pups

    Depression. Enveloped in it when waking this am. Out of coffee. Used a bag of tea. All good. After that cup. Blinds forced open. Sunlight. Big 6 lymphatic protocol done aggressivly. Lots of rotation, jumping in place. Sweat, large glass of water. (Thanks C Bear 🙂 Depression gone. And, I realized the Physical VR I created for myself actually lends itself to this big 6. I think I am going to incorporate it into the first streamed VR session. Good for men to know it! Deciding if I should keep this diary public or require a free Lone Wolf account. . Frame of the mens site is done. Today I am adding my voice and some video. Today will be good wether I feel good or not. I decided.