Reply To: To my girls. If I could message them.

  • cade

    June 24, 2024 at 1:10 am
    67 Pups

    The day that restraining order hit. I left a note for each of you littles. They were under your pillow. It said not to worry. It said God would work it out and we had each other. I think I am close. Geesh, I did not know he had this long in mind. Your brother and I both for so long kept saying mom would wake up. I did not think this would go on so long. I love you two. If you kept those notes, they were on paper from your note book, keep them. We will read them together soon. Shoot, I hate tears on my keyboard, finger tips slip and typos galore. I can see us playing in your room. God, a year plus, your voices. Silent. I am working on the rest of those letters. Soon. Night “Pink Bottoms & A Teal Top”, saw a picture. You are a beautiful young girl now. And you, my little JW, so proud of you. Volley Ball! Night. -Super hug. -Dad