Reply To: To my girls. If I could message them.

  • cade

    June 24, 2024 at 9:30 am
    67 Pups

    Yup, thinking of you all you daughters. Ya know, you turned out fabulous. Course you and us have our precious flaws. Overall you all impress me. Cant wait for God to fix us, mend us. Sooth the hurts and pull out the lies. We all are a mess at times. I know this about you all. I am still here, does not matter what mistakes you make. I am Dad, unconditionaly. It was my desire. Each one of you were planned. And miss “don’t call me Jose” were a delightful excuse to ride without a helmet while entertaining the happy thought, “what if YOUhappened?” And you did to our delight! Till we hug again. -Dad