Reply To: To my girls. If I could message them.

  • cade

    June 29, 2024 at 8:38 am
    65 Pups

    Imprinted. I remeber the day my 18 year old daughter C Bear came rushing into the kitchen. She is the one who walks and talks with her hands like me the most. Her eyes, big bright, yet dark and piercing, held mine. She said this. “Dad! You have to stop drinking coffee instead of water first thing in the morning.” She pushed a big cup of ice water twoards me as she finished her thought. I had raised my coffee mug up to my face when she had interupted, it was paused there, frozen. I stuck between one mug and another, as I took in her data download. I miss her btw.
    I drank water slowley, keeping an eye on her as she explained all the benifiets of “water first , your body must have it to wake up, not coffee…” Within a minute of drinking half the glass, I concluded she was right. To this day, happened this morning. I forgot the water.

    Now to me, it is peculiar not that I still forget, but when I remember. It is ALWAYS two inches from my chin, in upward motion. I can feel the warmth of the pipping steam, the smell of fresh roasted. My lips part, my sleepy body dependant on that caffiene thrills and then… C Bear is here! Walking right in, I see the large glass of ice water, I feel the same inspiration she had that morning, I hear all her words darting back and forth and she convinces me, everytime. This one moment has most likley changed my rest of life health for, ya the rest of my days, assuming she continues to interupt me before I sin every morning. She will, she has been faithful.

    Cbear, there is so much here about you and I, intrajects, attachments omg if you could only see. It would maybe answer some questions that keep you away. I wish you to see so I can love and be loved by you. This though is not my capability, impossible. This belongs to God. Until he moves I wait in movement. In peace. I love you. Chin up. Things change. -Dad