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  • cade

    June 24, 2024 at 11:44 am
    67 Pups

    Diet. Nothing yet. 2 coffees, 32oz water. Last night, 3 pieces of chicken, scoop of peanut butter, handful of raisins, 1 kiwi. Diet & caffeine free coke x2. Bad.
    Mental/Emotion State. Good, hard as always when eye first open.
    Protocols and Supplements. Iodine, k2, magnesium. 1 silver nebulizer treatment
    Big 6 completed
    Exercise, Hard sprint in backyard. Shirt off full hard 5 minutes. Hurting. Equal Librium shit, tripped twice. No biggie. Taking a break. Weights next & chlorine soak. 10 PPM only. Too much over the last two weeks. Feeling better now