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  • cade

    June 25, 2024 at 12:52 pm
    67 Pups

    Progress appears to have plateaued. Seems like the blisters under my skin are drying out. Day 4 Amoxicillin. 1 pill. 3 times a day. I have started to notice how bad my face, neck wrists ankles and upper back hurt. walnut sized blisters under the skin . Dense and pop if I bump them hard. All under the epidermis. Lots of water, no sugar at all. 1 piece of bread yesterday. I am afraid to eat any sweets. Emotional level, holding. Still feel like an elephants is on my chest all the time. It is the ‘unknowing’ about my daughters well being. Where they live, who they live with. School, health. Radio silence. This takes learned skill to carry this and be at peace with that feeling of constant danger. Its is not good. I believe the unnatural act of discarding causes this mental swirl of pure hell. There is no answers, all assumptions are poison for you must live each assumption out in your mind to rule each out. I choose to trust God. He knows my children. Recorded the 5 Rules with Ace last night. Realized I had put some tongue and cheek shirts and mugs in the store to get a reaction from my son. Fixing that and adding audio to each blog. I turned the Parent to child message board into Lone Wolf and above only. Testing whether it is better to let a son or daughter log in to see any messages to possibly them. I am not sure, I sort of want other people to post links and share messages. We will see. I will let the men here decide. Now I work again.