Reply To: My medical history & daily updates. Looking for a doctor who may help diagnois

  • cade

    June 28, 2024 at 11:51 am
    67 Pups

    Breaking fast. Three hardboiled eggs. Two batman glasses of water so far. Finger tips, a few like grapes. Pain in muscles diffrent. Scary, feels like bone pain in three joints. Have noticed my hands get stuck closed. Fingers not releasing when my brain says too. Found a few mor days of antibiotics. 3 days of Cipro. Doctors hesitant to perscribe pill form antibiotics. Last time, 7 bottles of Clyndamicin. Screw the spelling. Headaches and jaw aches. First time I am thinking I may be ate up inside. Bacteria is literally like a root growing across my body, wraping limbs and joint. It moves and feels like several spots are dead.. Skin is very hard around joints and the blisters pop deep inside. After this antibiotic treatment. Ceader hostpital in LA. I miss my lil girls. I want them to see me stong again. Make it so. Struggle Cade,. rip and tear. Daily physical VR streams will absolutley help me and other immobile men. Almost have the Divorce Sale page done. Lots of art work, antiques. Waiting on my sons go ahead. I will focus my mind here. Must leave the children out of my mind. Stress and anxiety, gotta keep it low right now. I am here girls. I have not left anywhere, just stuck in a room and subject to your moms decisions. She has decided you are better off without a dad. I disagree, I understand her though. She is doing the best she can with what she was given. I wish her peace, I do want her to find as much of herself as she can. She had to hide herself as a child. You forgive her, see past hurts. God knows what he is doing. Shoot. Medical journal tuned into something else, I will end it here for now.