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This content is restricted.

We believe your (shared life experiences, video exposes etc you post with the community are yours. They need to be secure and protected. Requiring a FREE account, just a name and email keeps scamers out and fake accounts out. Keeps personal stories & journals you choose to share with this mens community as a whole semi private.

At least your ex or child would have to use a Nickname and email account to join the group in order to see. Even then your a Nickname of your choosing here. Be mindful of posting anything especially if your in court. *We believe the time you spend to share should be paid for if their is a profit. We operate our mission as a non profit, passing saving to the community. Another reason why non Free Lone Wolves can not join groups. Takes server resources to store their files, photos etc when we want dads and sons who need this to get all they can.

  • Anonymous Accounts: Your public profile is 100% anonymous.
  • Your Data, Your Rules: You own your data and can delete it anytime.
  • Public Content: If you share something publicly, we can use it in ads and events.
  • Revenue Sharing: We share 10% of the revenue from your content with you.
  • Full Ownership: You keep 100% ownership of your content and can publish it elsewhere.

In a Nutshell: Share your awesome stories or videos here, and if we make money, we’ll share it with you! 🎉Details Below.

Your membership public-facing accounts are 100% anonymous. The data you submit and share still belongs to you, and you may delete it all, including this account, at any time. However, be mindful. The data you share publicly, we reserve the right to use as content here and elsewhere in advertisements, events, and for profit. Here’s the twist: we want to share it with you.

You retain a 10% royalty fee on the total earned, proportional to the amount of overall time your content is viewed. (Ex: You made a 10 minute video about your family situation, an audio clip or journaled on our site, dosent matter. We included it in our 100 minute Documentary we posted onYouTube or wherever, dosent matter. The documentary made $1000 in a month period we pay you $10 that month. If your clip was 90 minutes. You would make $90 that month. ) *I will include the formula below so you can play with the math.

This applies to any monetized platform we own accounts on, like YouTube, X, etc. You maintain 100% ownership of your portion of that content. You reserve the right to publish your content elsewhere for profit and keep everything. We are simply agreeing that if you have written a great story or made a great video in the past or in the future, post it here! We may use it to further our cause, and if we make revenue from views, we’ll share that with you.

We offer the ability to view the majority of the content for free without any user account. We want awareness and education first. Cost, anything extra, for instance. If you tried, let’s say, to create a group, this will take known resources we have planned and paid for. You will be adding data, photos, documents—you name it.

We want the right people to do this for FREE. If it’s open to all scammers and hackers, they will be taking up all our resources. No credit card or nonsense data collected on Lone Wolf Accounts either. Chin up, dads and sons. See you on the inside. -Cade

  • We do include a a community weekly update Newsletter. No sales letters, or marketing. Of course there is an unsubscribe if you do not want it.

To calculate the commission:

  1. Determine the proportion of time your clip occupies in the video:
    • Your clip: 10 minutes
    • Total video time: 100 minutes
    • Proportion: ( \frac{10}{100} = 0.1 )
  2. Calculate the share of profit:
    • Total profit: $1000
    • Clip’s share: ( $1000 \times 0.1 = $100 )
  3. Calculate the commission:
    • Commission rate: 10%
    • Commission: ( $100 \times 0.1 = $10 )

So, the commission for your 10-minute clip for the month is $10. Paste This Prompt Into Any AI or Free Chat GPT. Changes the clip times to get diffrent results.