a man wearing a virtual reality headset

Why VR Simulators & Team Based?

VR simulators and team (distributed skill) based are an excellent choice for fathers and sons looking to reconnect. These games are more than just fun; they demand maturity and attention, offering a platform for developing real-world skills. The high cost of entry for equipment like wheels, pedals, and yokes ensures a more mature and dedicated audience, reducing the likelihood of encountering cheaters. This makes the gaming experience not only enjoyable but also meaningful.

Purposeful Gaming

Our game time is intentional and purposeful. We aim to strike up conversations about family dynamics, particularly focusing on the impact of feminism on fathers and sons. Our play sessions are designed to reach out to silent, hurting men. Many use online games as an escape from their present reality or to find connections following family disintegration. One encouraging conversation could make a world of difference, potentially preventing self-deletion. We aim to build a community of men who have been through similar family court horrors. My son and I have experienced it firsthand, and we understand the trauma involved. Talking about it is the first step, and it’s often the hardest.

Join Our Community

Online gaming offers an easy way to strike up conversations on these difficult topics. Rejected fathers, husbands, and sons are out there, playing and looking for connections. We want to play too! Join us and make your presence known, whether you play right away or not. Stay updated by signing up; we promise not to spam or sell your information. Our goal is to enjoy life while hanging out with like-minded gentlemen. We also have a list of online community games that we play as teams. Check them out and join the fun!