VR Physical Therapy Quake 1996 CO OP Sign Up


Hello Space Marine, before we meet on the ‘Holo Deck’. We have some rules for play you must understand and agree to. The short video above says it all. And Yes, there is a mis spelled word in the list above. More important though is how to play and why. Here is a short list for you rare beautiful readers, god I love you all!

  • Discord Camera on. A view of you standing, full body. You must stay in frame during the session.
  • Discord Screen Share. This will show your vr view as you see mine on the stream.
  • Quake PCVR Options screen must be shown. Show Room Scale, HDMI Turning, Room Scale Jump On, Turning Turned Off On Controller, Jump Turned Off on controller.
  • Extra points PER COMBO JUMPS of two landings or more! +25pts per jump in the combo
  • 75 Points For Saving Kill Shots When Mate is 25% Health or Less. REPLAYS!
  • Winner Of Best Dance Moves Gains + 75 Points
  • Extra 75 Points First Through Completion Portal
  • Penalties for, not stepping/running in place in sync with avatars foot steps.
  • Penalties for, Slouching & overall bad posture.
  • Big Penalty For Friendly Fire. Team Mate can call this before chat discovers. Chat decides. Buffer Play back Can Confirm. Minimum of 30 Pushups When Safe During COOP session.
  • The Live Chat Session Decides. They Will Not Let Either Of Us Slide. The penalties though hard, are actually good for your health. Twenty more push ups when safe never hurt any man 🙂
  • Complete your penalties quickly without complaint. It’s suppose to be fun, keep it fun, keep it moving.
  • Have Fun! That’s Most Important. You Will. P.S, Take a quick speed test and make sure your under 100ms from Los Angeles CA. Or it will be less fun :). I use https://www.speedtest.net/
  • Thank you, once you submit the form below, I will see you on the deck! -Cade